Friday, April 19, 2013

Untitled #4

I took this picture in the woods behind my house. There are a few old barns and cars back there that no one uses so I thought it would be a cool spot to take pictures of. I really like the rule of thirds in this picture. I like that not the whole wheel barrow is in it, but you still clearly know that it’s a wheel barrow. The horizontal line draws your eye to the wheel barrow. I really like this picture.
Zach M

Great Ball of Fire

In this picture I tried to capture the sport in the eyes of someone who knows it dearly. This brings a whole new meaning to a ball that was on “fire”. I tried multiple shots with just the baseball itself but eventually just getting tired of the same boring shot that I just set it on fire (I’m not saying just set things on fire and take pictures, I do not advise doing this without parent consent). The shots turned into a memorized thing and allowed for me to speed up the shutter speed then lower aperture and iso to allow for a crisp and clean shot.


This photograph I took in my garage during one of my assignments. I wanted to capture something about longboarding just because I love to longboard and it is a hobby I picked up and have kept with which is rare for me. Trying to get the full board just wasn’t coming out right because the curvature of the board kind of through off the photo in my opinion. I upped the hue of yellow and red to make it pop more. Also I like how you can see the flecks on the grip tape I think it adds just enough to the picture. Sector 9 is the time of longboard and made for a good focus in the middle of the board. The background is kind of thrown off with the table but with the board taking up the majority of the picture and the table not being too colorful or anything I think it is fine. I used rule of thirds on the sector 9 which was also my main focus.
Alec C


This picture is for the “Games” assignment. I took it at a baseball game for another school. I like this picture because there is action and movement but the subject is still in clear focus. I used the levels tool in Photoshop to edit it. I brightened the picture up a bit then cropped it. The baseball field is sort of unique because of the color of it, I thought that added a bit of a twist to this photo.
Blake R

Still Planted

The picture was taken from inside my house of this tree my mom planted in a tub a few years ago. I took the picture because I thought it would look even more interesting through the window. I like how the background is blurry. I had some issues getting the focus the way I wanted it.  This one was the best.
Angel M

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Delicate Shroom

The mushroom was in a dull environment, the picture was completely gray until I added a little contrast to bring out the colors in the background and on the mushroom. And I also put an orange tint to really bring out its true color of the mushroom
 Jarmal H

Reflections of Ambience Embraced

I took this picture in the main office using the display case to get the reflection. What I wanted was a duel reflection of some objects and I was captivated by the two lights and the flag. I loved the shot. I then was able to take it into Photoshop and change the levels as well as changing it to grayscale and it turned out great!
Roberto R