Monday, August 23, 2010

Ranger Creek Trail #1

I took this picture on a mountain bike ride up Ranger Creek Trail (off of 410 near Crystal Mountain).  The weather was drizzly and foggy which really added an ethereal quality to the photos.  So green and lush and quiet - the fog really gives the picture an filmlike graininess that adds to the mood.

Jack DeGuiseppi


  1. The fog really adds a great serene feeling to this photograph. Well done for capturing the moment!:)

    SDay- FPHS

  2. This photo is really good. I really like the depth the picture brings. The rain and the fog add to the depth of the photo as well as the overall appearance. I myself really enjoy the outdoors and this photo really is interesting and good!

    AP- SPHS

  3. I really enjoy this photo. To me it has a dream like feel to it. It's not all bright, not all bland, and it is accentuated correctly. I enjoy how the eye follows around the photo instead of having a plain, centered photo. There is much more to this picture and I thoroughly liked this photo.


  4. you could have done better mr. D but i still like it.

    Vincent- FPHS

  5. You can take over the world with this picture. (:

  6. This photo has nice lighting, and I like the mist; it makes the picture look artistically grainy. I like how the diagonal tree is darker than the rest. Not sure if that was intentional, but it adds a nice subject.

    RJ W. - ERHS

  7. I think that the way the tree fell in the forest was a nice natural look you have a great eye and the lining lines is great. if i had an eye like you i would be happy with my work. good job again.
    Dylan Legg

  8. the fallen tree in the middle of the picture attracts my eye and the fog is great
    L B