Friday, September 9, 2011


This is a picture is from my high school of the cherry blossoms. What I have done is used the Picasa program to edit it by setting up a soft focus around a single branch that had the most flower blossoms. I was deciding on whether on using the B&W filter but I enjoyed the colors more so I left it as it is.
Alfredo A


  1. I like this picture because of the color contrast. This picture could use less photoshop and more focus on the tree.
    nate a fphs

  2. The focus on the image is okay but there was a really bad job done on the depth of field. The background looks foggy and it does not go together smoothly. The lighting could also be better. I appreciated that the main subject was centered and framed by the other bushes. The colors in this image do not go well together in my opinion and the clouds in the sky really throw me off. I feel that there is too much going on here. I do not like this picture mainly because of the colors and the blurring.

    Jenna - FPHS