Monday, March 12, 2012

Hearts for MLK

This is probably my most favorite picture I’ve taken so far. Everything I feel is perfect. Focus is great and the shallow depth of field works real well. This is one of those photos that you just snap and goes great. I used manual focus and it just worked. 
Cory C.


  1. I really love this picture because of the colors. It makes me feel happy knowing that is for MLK month. I really love the depth of field, and how pure this photo feels, it doesnt feel like it has been through photo shop and like it has been worked on a lot.
    Addie J- FPHS

  2. The Colors Of this picture are beautiful, I like how it focuses more on the blue one than the rest and it makes them blur out.
    Janet G. FPHS

  3. I really like all the colors in this photo. It has great focus and beautiful depth of field.
    Holly D

  4. This is a really good picture, I like the variety of mixed colors and the depth of field it has. The focus is really sharp too. I like the feel of this picture. Only thing I would do differently is cropped out the window in the background otherwise, it’s a really nice photo.

    -kristin A fphs

  5. This picture is really good, due to the manual focus which is hard for some people to do and you have shown that your really good with using it keep up the good work
    Reggie J