Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fall Leaves

I took this picture during our fall project. I really love fall there’s so many color’s and crunchy leaves everywhere. This picture was my favorite because the colors of the leaves are really vibrant and the sky in the background look nice with some clouds. You can see all the little textures and ridges on the edges of the leaves. I only zoomed in a little to pull the background in and brightened it a bit in photo shop. All the color’s and crispness really is captured in this picture and you can tell its Fall. 
Tia H


  1. I like that the depth of field isn’t so shallow that the sky isn’t clear. This reminds me of a nice fall day, full of vibrant colors. The lighting is good too.
    Karli F. FPHS

  2. The red and the blue have a very nice balance that lets it be known that the red is the subject but the blue compliments it very nicely. The leaves are in the foreground and the sky is in the background and I absolutely love it. It’s vibrant and colorful and it has a somewhat mellow mood, as the blue cancels out the red and makes the picture calmer. The warm and cool colors contrast, and also mold together well.

  3. The leaves are really in focus. Cropping works well with this picture. The colors of the leaves really make the picture brighter and stand out more. I like this photo. It gives the effect that the leaves are falling around you so it looks really cool.
    ~GabyR FPHS