Monday, September 13, 2010

Dancing E's

I created this photo during my sophomore year in Mr. Deguiseppi’s class. We were doing an assignment on light. This was created with Christmas lights. Mr. Deguiseppi waved the lights and I took several shots and found that this image was the best one. I darkened the background for more focus on the lights. I name this photo  ”Dancing E’s” because it seems like the E’s in the photos are dancing.                  Erika Y--FPHS


  1. I totally agree with the title of this photo. The letter "e" really seems to dancing around. I love the colors of the photo, and the weird blue sign on the middle of the photo. Great Job!
    Keep up the great work.

    -Mike H, ERHS

  2. Great picture really interesting and good composition.
    Pierce S. - FPHS

  3. This picture is really good Erika because of the way the "e" dances down the picture from the top to the bottom.

    Michael L - FPHS

  4. Ilove how the backround was darken,which made the lights more dense, more eye grabing, and made the lighting look like colorful smoke. =]

  5. This picture is fantastic!!!! It looks like computer graphics instead of photography, i love how you darkend the background. It really makes the picture pop. Good work!! :)

    Emily Clark-Sophomore FPHS

  6. I really like this picture because the colors really catch your eye and it's very unique. I like how you didn't put the lights in the center of the photo and darkened the background to make the lights stand out more.
    -Caitlin M.-FPHS

  7. I like how there's so many bright colors and how it's dark so it makes the dancing e's pop even more.


  8. This photograph is very creative! The contrast with the colors against the black background is awesome. I don’t know what you used for the light, a phone or something, but it was a great idea. You must have had an extremely slow shutter speed. These kind of pictures are so fun to play around with. Great job