Monday, September 13, 2010

Wet Rock

I like the colors of this photo. I was trying to capture the textures and the overall appeal. I took this while I was waiting for the ferry to Lopez Island. I went on a nature walk and I really enjoy close ups, so taking this was a lot of fun for me.                   Ashman D. -FPHS


  1. I really like this photo, I also too enjoy doing close ups. The texture is amazing in this photo, how there’s sand on the rock. It would be better if it wasn’t blurry in the front, but other than that this photo is great.
    Payton G. -FPHS

  2. I like how close up you got to the rocks, an how you can see the water and sand.

    -Bailey k. fphs

  3. i really like this picture because even though you know what it is, u dont know what the red seaweed things is or where u took the picture,so it makes it misterious in a way. Reed S.

  4. I like the close up of this photo, it’s very interesting. The colors are good and kind of have a cold feeling and makes you think you’re at the beach. I only wish the front was in focus.
    K.Adams - FPHS

  5. This picture is really cool. I looked at it at first and couldn’t really tell what it was. It kind of looks like a snail shell or something but that’s cool. It is also pretty cool that it’s all shiny compared to the others around it. But it does get a little blurry at the bottom, but you can’t really tell unless you have looked at it for awhile.

    FPHS- TB