Monday, September 13, 2010

Extreme Jumper

I took this photo in sophomore year, while doing a Freeze Action assignment. My friend decided to jump the stairs so I got my camera ready and set it at a high shutter speed. I put the photo in black and white, than brought back the color of his jacket and shoes. I like this photo, except I wish I could have gotten a better angle.                   Payton G. -FPHS


  1. the stillness is really good. the way the color accent draws your focus to the person is awesome. great clarity

  2. I like how clear this is photo is. The shutter speed is definitely fast enough. The fact that the person still has some color makes the photo more appealing because less objects can distract the viewer. JCSPHS

  3. good freeze in action. i like how everything in the the background is gray and the person jumping has a bit of color, it makes me focus on only the subject you are trying to capture.
    Lisa R -FPHS

  4. I really don’t like this picture. The cars in the background could have been cropped out. They throw off the whole picture. The only thing I really like about this picture is how you got him in action.

    -K.O ERHS

  5. Nice use of shutter speed. I like how the picture is in grayscale and the jacket is green. Having the only thing in color in the center of the picture was a good idea.