Monday, September 13, 2010

I took this photo on my way home around 8:30. I saw it and it looked extremely good. I didn’t have my camera on me, so I used the camera on my iPhone. As the car was moving it blurred out the trees and mainly focused on the sunset. In Washington, it is rare to see a sunset. The tree’s split and it really captures the main subject.      Cameron H. -FPHS


  1. I definately like the colors of the sky,i like where the trees are too. how they look like their about to go into eachother. I really wish it was in focus then it would have been really great photo.
    PG -FPHS

  2. I really like your picture. I like how the sky shines in dark and bright color. I wish you had a camera to take it because it would have been much more focused. But overall i like your picture. Mbau sphs

  3. The colors are pretty but the picture is really blurry and pixilated. It would have been a really cool picture if it wasn’t.