Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Love You

I took this picture this year; I was texting my best friend and I was playing around with a camera trying different angles and settings, when I tried this photo. I really like the angle and how clear it is. I wish I didn’t get such a glare and the lines that you can see when you take a photo of a computer screen.  I turned the photo black and white and brought up the lighting a tiny bit.
Payton G.


  1. I love how this picture looks. I like how the screen of the phone isn't glared like it usually is. Its cute and in focus.

    Courtney w.- FPHS

  2. I really like this photo. I like how the angle of the photo is a little crooked, it doesnt make the photo original, its something different. I also like how it is in black and white and not in normal color. Overall it is a great photo :)

    Tony Tucker-FPHS

  3. This is a great picture becasue the message it's sending and how creative it is. the angle of the photo makes you look into the subject.

    Megan B.- FPHS

  4. I like how the phone is angled so it’s like a rolling up credits shot from Star Wars.The black and whiteness of it really makes the photo.Your photo shows how much technology is in our lives.

    -Ashana A. ERHS

  5. This picture is really cool i liked how you made it black and white and how you said i love you and its just a great picture.

    CoryC - Fphs

  6. I like how this photo has the phone in a strange angle that shows only the important part of the messages. I love the blurred background. I also like the fact that you made the name so unique for your contact.
    -Erika Y- FPHS

  7. I like this picture because the background is blurred, making you wonder what's going on behind the phone. Also, it makes me wonder who you are talking to and why you call them leprechaun. I like that the picture is in black and white and it has good tone and balance. I like that the cell phone is off center and that it is not blurry, like most technology it when you try to take a picture of it. Also, the contrast is very nice and the focus really works. Overall, I think this is a very cool picture, good job!

  8. I’m not crazy about this picture. I feel like I could get out my camera right now and take a picture very similar to this. It does look like it might have taken a bit of time to get the focus and depth of field right though.