Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I took this photo after a Volleyball game. My friends and I were waiting for our rides when my friend Brian decided to skate. I took multiple pictures of his hard flips and kick flips with the flash on. I was pleased with how the stairs gave the picture a dramatic effect. In Photoshop I applied a light golden color to the photo.
-Nate W.


  1. this is a great photo, i like the colors. and i really like the trick he is doing. It would be better if the persons legs werent in the photo in the back. and if it had less noise. overall. great job.
    Payton G -FPHS

  2. I like the way your photo looks.It gives off a dangerous, not supposed to be doing this kind of feel to it.The fact that your friend and someone in the background is cut off though is a problem for me.I do like the angle and the added glow to the picture.

    -Ashana A. ERHS

  3. this photo is really awesome. gosh i wish i could skateboard . if only if only aha but for real though nice capture ;)

    Chizu Barcinas -FPHS

  4. I love the perspective of the photo, how it’s tilted and also the darkness of it. It has a grunge-like feel to it and I enjoy how the photographer caught that moment before the guy landed. Very nice.

    SamiiG FPHS

  5. One of the first things that strikes me in this picture is the fact that the skater’s arm and part of his head is missing. This is one thing that could have been improved on this photo. Besides that, the photo looks very nice, and the flash was used effectively to create a very three-dimensional effect, which is a nice effect because flash usually detracts from an image.

    -MM ERHS

  6. The lighting is my favorite part of this photo. It really only has a few colors, which makes the red in his shoes and on the wheels really pop!
    I love how dark the spots on the stairs are, it looks really awesome!
    The mood is pretty mysterious and fun. Mysterious because of the coloring and how creepy the stairs are. Fun because of the skateboarding the model is taking part in!

  7. Wow! You should consider being a skate photographer! Very nice framing and a really unique angle. I hope he landed it.

    RJ W. ERHS

  8. This is a cool photo. Nice lighting and angle view. Love how you have only a few spots in color. This photo overall is good.
    sphs e.w.

  9. I really like the action in this picture. I also like the colors of the background and the darkness of it all. It makes for a very neat photograph. Good Job!

  10. I thought this photo had a dangerous tone to it which really caught my attention. I really liked the use of the darker and brighter points in the picture to really bring out the subject. But i think that cropping the person out from the side would have been good.


  11. I really like how the pavement matches the subject due to the darkened lighting. i would say to crop out the two people that stick out on the sides.
    M.v.- FPHS

  12. The dark colors give this picture the feel of almost a tunnel. The gold effect you did makes it seem like the sun is rising or setting. I hope you put this in your art portfolio or kept it. Great job man.

    -Marcus L. ~ FPHS