Friday, September 10, 2010

I took this picture in photography class last year as a portrait assignment. I really wanted to capture the part of my subject that people noticed the most, her eyes. I really like how the black and white gives a nice contrast against her hazel eye. I wish I didn’t have a glare on her cheek because her skin looks really white and really dark in some places.
~Briana K FPHS


  1. The first thing I noticed was how her eye was really brought out due to black and white contrast. If it wasn’t for the glare on her cheek her face would have been to gray and to dark. I like the angle of this photo because no matter how you’re looking at her she’s always staring at you.


  2. The contrast of colors is great. The hair kind of gets in the way though, if the bangs were moved to the side it would give more attention to the eye. The picture could have been cropped tighter too.

    JC - ERHS

  3. That's creepy but artistic

    Stephon M.


  4. I really like this photograph because all of the colors are gone except for the eye. It gives the photograph a creepy feel to it. Great job.


  5. This picture scares me; it reminds me of the grudge. I like it a lot though because black and white with color is really interesting. Good job :D
    -Karisa G. –FPHS

  6. Ok, this comment is most definitely not meant to offend the subject, but this photo gives off such a creepy horror type of feeling. The angle the eye is looking and the small white looking thing that looks like a tear under her eye. Looks like a horror movie poster. The glare that you did not like, I like actually. Great job with this photo and the color with the black and white effect, contrast is fantastic.