Friday, September 10, 2010

I took this picture while I was on vacation in Mexico. We were on an island at a run downed town, but it was really cool looking. I took this shot because I liked how the stair led up to just something sitting there and nothing more. I cropped this picture a little and played with the levels to make the red stand out a little more.



  1. I love this picture! it says so much and its so simple, the antique look is so beautiful and creative. The angle is really perfect and its just really great! its original..
    Eden- FPHS

  2. I like how the stairs lead up to nothing more then a bucket. The colors stand out and go together very well. This picture has an “old” look to it that makes it different than other photos. Great job.

  3. I really like this photo, I think that it has a sort mystery behind it; the faded stairs gives it a contemporary look. The red looks really nice with the grey wall. I think the angle is really good. This picture has a lot to say. Nice job.
    -Annie ERHS

  4. This picture is really good. I like the fact that it has a exotic feel to it. It’s different, unique. It kind of looks fake, like a painting of some sort. Which makes it even better. I like how you got the vertical and horizontal lines in this picture. Also, I really like how the red and the white are next to each other. Those two colors actually lead me to the random bucket at the top of stairs. Everything goes pretty well with each other. Good job!

  5. I really enjoy this photo. I love how the photo is split by the stairs and the wall... the stairs lead up while the wall just sort of sits there. The red is a good contrast with the white, and it made the photo pop even as a thumbnail. Makes me wish I was there... great picture!
    -SarahS - FPHS