Friday, September 10, 2010

This picture is from my sophomore year in digital photography.  I was walking past two hallways and thought to myself that would be an interesting photo so I took it. I decided to leave the color in everything except for the grass because it’s different. It was a bright, sunny, and I believe it was during spring when all the flowers around the school were blooming. I don’t think it’s the best picture but I like it a lot.
Kaitlyn H -FPHS


  1. I like how this photo leads the eye down the path. The sky, trees, and flowers look pretty but the rest of the photo is kind of bland.

  2. This is a real unique picture. I like how you took the color away from the grass it really lead my eyes to the red bush. Nice job!
    Cisco Gonzalez

  3. I love this photo. It really makes the rhody stand out. i would like to get a picture like this. Super cool. XD
    ~Francesca P.

  4. I like how the grass takes a backseat to everything else when usually it's the main focus. I think it looks really cool but maybe if the bush were to be the only colorful thing, it'd be a more dramatic photo. Good job though!


  5. I like how the flowers stand out well, despite there being a lot of things included in the photo.
    - T. Nguyen from FPHS.