Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Red Flower

What I like about this picture is that it has good depth of field and the vibrancy of the flowers really makes them pop.  I would have liked the flowers to the left more in focus and if I had a greener back ground I think the flowers would have stood out even more but over all I like the exposure and the contrast of the orange and red on the flowers.


  1. This photo really popped out at me. I like the depth of field view and the colors in it make it stand out. It has that effect that the flower at the top is really bright and down lower the background looks darker. It looks like its rising into the light.
    Katie -RHS

  2. I really love the colors in this photo. They are beautiful. I really like how vibrant the reds and yellows. I think you did a nice job with the angle from which you took this photo.
    Nice work.
    -Annie ERHS

  3. I love this photo. I love how the flowers really pop in this picture. This has a great depth of field. I really like the colors of the flowers. I like how the background is out of focus. Overall Great Job.

  4. This looks professional. The bright colors and the contrast of the red and green. The depth of field used was really good too.

  5. I’ve always loved plant photography, and this is an excellent photo. The depth of field is great, as well as the colors. The flower fills almost the whole frame. I love this picture!

    -MM ERHS

  6. I like the clearness of this picture. The flowers really pop with the darker green in the background. I like your choice to with depth of fields it really adds to the picture. I like how the back ground has little hints of the same pink/yellow. This picture looks professions and should be in some ads or a house of some kind. Good job.

  7. I really like the colors of this picture it use bright colors but it doesn't have to much exposure or anything like that it I love the depth of field. Good job