Monday, November 1, 2010


I took this picture for a Reflections assignment.  I was going for a more stylish approach so I went with black and white. Then I brought out the greens and blues and kicked the color up a bit. Now everyone thinks my friend (who’s last name is Cruz) has pretty eyes. LoL
-Isaac L.


  1. I really like this photo. I like how you made the photo black and white it draws my attention to the persons eye and the reflection. Capturing reflections in an eye is difficult. Good Job.
    PG -FPHS

  2. I like how the photo is in black and white and how the main focus is the eye that’s in color, which looks like the colors of the rainbow. Most people would make it the color the person’s eye, but you made it colorful which looks really cool.


  3. Awesome photo! Very vibrant eye, and I love the reflection. I would get this one framed! Nice lighting even though it is in black and white. I like the mood of this photo, is is happy.

    RJ W. ERHS

  4. I think this picture looks really cool. I like the effect on the person’s eye that you made, with all the different colors. The exposure is done pretty nicely, too, since the subject is the person’s eye and the rest of their face doesn’t need much detail.

    -MM ERHS

  5. I like the angel you got of the eye. And your choice of keeping only the eye colored. The ides to amp the color really makes the eye pop. I like how clear the eye is as you can see the reflection it shows some emotion towards what they are looking at. I like the relaxed expression on there face like they didn’t know you were taking a picture. They look almost tired from another day. But the color makes them look hopeful. Good job.

  6. This photo is okay I feel it has to much exposure like you can barely see anything but I like the angle and the way you made everything black and white except the eye it really brought out the colors of it.

  7. I really like how you brought back the colors in the picture. This is an awesome photo!

  8. I Love the Coloring On the eye. Its Beautiful (: , This is actually something I would hang on my wall. I tried doing a picture like this and that ended up being an epic fail ! Anyways Good Job !

  9. This picture is just dandy, ranging from the magnificent lighting and the unique coloring while also grabbing my attention and giving me a sense of calmness for reasons I can't portray. Overall good photo.

    Terell M. FPHS

  10. This picture shows the true beauty in a persons soul. I love the color of the eye and also how ones soul can look like in another persons eye.