Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crayola Petals

This picture was of the flowers that bloom on the tree between the baseball field and track. I took the picture without flash and with macro on. I couldn’t really see any benefit in changing  anything like lighting or saturation, the picture naturally came out well. I did color the petals in Photoshop so the picture was a little unique, and I think that it made this picture pop. I am fairly proud of this picture but feel like the flowers themselves could have been better if they popped on they’re own.
Adrian Q.


  1. I like this image and i like how you made the one branch the center of the picture

    -Alfredo A.

  2. This picture is very pretty and very well taken. I like how the background is blurred and the main focus is the flowers. Great job!
    -Jessica G FPHS

  3. I like how the picture is focused on a batch of flowers during the middle of Spring. What makes this picture unique is that it has a shallow depth of field.

    -Nick B.

  4. The focus of the flowers and the depth of field is amazing. I also like how the flowers are centered. This picture is beautiful and i really like it.
    -Andrea O FPHS

  5. This is a good depth of field picture, the light tones of pink make the picture look very nice.
    Rocio G. FPHS