Thursday, September 22, 2011

Emotional Distress

This is a photo of a victim of cancer. My uncles has been going through so much pain every second of his day fighting and trying to survive. I took this photo because it inspired me, the way he sat outside his emotions in this photo really captures how he feels. What I did to this photo is change the levels of the contrast. I made it a bit darker to create a more dramatic look and it also makes the picture look a little more somber.
Kunnary S.


  1. I like how the black and white effect really conveys the emotion within the photo. Awesome leading the subject it gives a sense of deep thought within the photo. It’s a really sharp focus, but with the black and white effect added in it really amplifies that. I get the sense of deep thinking out of this picture, but also some pain

    - Tyler H

  2. The focus on the photo is done very well, The black and white was done tastefully you can tell the emotion, i LOVE this photo, you can tell that you're uncle was going through a rough time, I hope he's doing well.

    Stacey A. FPHS

  3. Its funny because my grandfather went through the same thing, but he wasnt a survivor. He was my best friend through the years iv'e known him. This picture reminds me of him the most of all pictures ive seen so far. I would hang this on my wall at home of rememberance.
    Seth M. FPHS

  4. I like the story behind the photo. You showed looking to the action.

    Darrell W - FPHS

  5. i feel like this picture is good but it should use more depth of freild
    i like how you made this photo black and white because it makes it seem more emotional
    this photo speaks to me because of the color and the rule of thirds and it says to me that there is pain
    Emilio .A

  6. i really like what you have done with your photo.i can feel the emotion in this photo it kinda make me feel what hes going through.i would take this photo and hand it up on my wall. great job
    Kamo S.-FPHS

  7. This picture shows sadness and rule of thirds I really like how this picture speaks to me it looks old fashioned and sad
    -Justin lee FPHS