Thursday, December 1, 2011

Breaking Through

I took this picture while I was in down town Tacoma looking for shapes to create a collage for a project. I was mainly on the search for street signs but then I came across the Glass Museum. The lighting made the blue stand out and after adjusting the levels and curves I found it looked unique. I like this picture because it makes you look twice. It might be a tad bit burned out, but I love it.
Megan B


  1. I really like how the sky makes a good background. The curve of the museum gives a good and unique look to this photo. The blues really contrast the background which looks really nice.
    Amber G PHS

  2. This photo is absolutely great. The angle that it was take from really adds a lot of interest. And you also use lines to draw interest to the darker part of the building and to the sky. Great job.
    S. Lee RHS

  3. I really love this picture because of the angle it was taken. And it makes the picture so much more interesting. The tone of the picture is really good also. And I like how the picture is based on repetition. Great shot!


  4. This photo is amazing I really like it. I love the different angles. This picture is a great example of leading lines and repetition.

    Audrey C. -FPHS

  5. I love how this picture uses angle up but not angle down because when you take a picture and its angle up, you can see the sky. Love the different blue colors!

  6. This picture shows leading lines, I like the way it leads up to the sun & clouds.
    ~ Rocio G FPHS

  7. The picture show leading lines and I like how it leads to the sky and how the lighting fits the image also it is a good example of repetition. Good job!

    Katie L. FPHS

  8. I love this picture because the original leading lines, repetition and the sun light, but also because of the colors all in the same tonality; they make me think in a peaceful place.
    The composition is really original, the rule of thirds and the angle help to have this good result.

    Teresa B- FPHS

  9. I really like how they have the leading lines showing towards the sky. I like how the color is focused on one think and the sun reflects off the glass just a little. There is a perfect focus on the object as well to show what it is actually is.

    David C. fphs

  10. I like this picture because it makes me want to limb to the top of the building and know I can’t because its glass and I will slip.
    Seth M.-fphs

  11. This picture is really cool with the brightness shining on the panels but it’s a little too bright. Lauren B FPHS

    1. cool pic nice and good lighting J.M.-fphs

  12. I enjoy this photo because of the repition within the photo and the color range of blues is amazing.
    Terell FPHS

  13. I like this picture “Breaking through” because the name of it fits the picture. This building is made out of class and in Downtown Tacoma and I admire the way they took the picture.

  14. This photo is great, I love the colors and how they work. I love the curves in the building and how they stand out. You did an amazing angle and amazing job capturing this photo.
    Holly D-FPHS

  15. I absolutely love this photo! The way the lines on the glass lead you towards the sun is amazing. The colors are used perfectly, the blues complement each other. Keep up the good work!
    Ruth L.-fphs

  16. I love how you captured only a portion of the building and that it’s not centered. That really made for a great composition. This is an ideal shot for showing good repetition and I also really like the color values.
    Nina P.- FPHS

  17. This is a great shot, I like the lighting and the leading lines towards the light

  18. I like this shot, I really like how the lines create something more to the picture. It looks as if the lines are leading up to the sky. which the sun is trying to out slightly behind it.
    Jaylyn P.-FPHS