Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Colors of

I picked this photo because of how well focused it is. I really like how I took this picture, it’s angled up. I zoomed in a little and used the macro to get that depth of field. I really like how the photo turned out to be. In Photoshop I changed the levels a bit; I made it a bit brighter. I also used HDR I wanted it to have a more high contrast. 


  1. This photo is really pretty, I enjoy how vibrant the colors are and how the depth of field is. You made a good choice raising up the contrast. Good job.
    Malisa R. FPHS

  2. I like the colors of the photo, and how they mix together. This is a good depth of field picture.

    Octavia X. - FPHS

  3. I really like the depth of field in this picture, and the focus on the plant. It also has really pretty colors too.

    Kristin A - FPHS

  4. I really like this photo because I love close ups! and depth of field, those are my two favorite camera techniques. This photo has beautiful color and is very clear. Great job!