Tuesday, January 3, 2012


We were driving on the freeway to pick up one of my friends and the camera went off by accident and took a really cool picture. I changed the colors a little in photo shop.  After I tried to take another picture like it and it didn’t work.  I really like how this picture turned out too and I want to try and get a steadier picture.
Taylor D


  1. I like this photo a lot, I like the different colors. The colors really stand out, and it just happened to be perfect timing when you took it on accident.
    Malisa R. FPHS

  2. This is an awesome picture! I love how bright and colorful it is. The blurriness looks really cool!
    Amber G PHS

    1. ya it is a cool pic even has a accident J.M.

  3. I like this picture because it looks like you are traveling at the speed of the light. It’s a way of seen something normal like a road with another eyes.
    Also like the bright colors and the contrasts between the blue and yellow.
    Teresa B

  4. The picture has show an incredible light type painting it shows the light s glowing and flowing making a magnificent light show-jr

  5. I love this pictures. It’s probably because I love light painting in general but I really enjoy the colors in this pictures. It is a mix of very bright colors which makes it really cool and fun to watch! Good Job! :)

    - Aylin E, fphs

  6. I like this phot a lot. It shows a lot of colors but yet it goes together in this photo. This picture illustrates how fast life is and really makes you look in aw at this picture.

    Juan Aka VA.fphs