Monday, February 13, 2012

Bumble Bee

I took this picture last year for the spring project. I thought it had nice depth of field, and good focus on the bumble bee. I tried to take it before it flew away or moved, and I was able to capture it while it was sitting on the flower. If I were to retake this image I would put the bee more in the center.
Kristin A


  1. I like this picture because the area around it looks gloomy but the brightness that the flower represents shows that its Is a very beautiful area and makes the picture just glow in comparison to just the flower -jr

    1. I like the overall feel of the picture, it is vibrant, but at the same time natural.

  2. This photograph actually incorporated the rule of thirds very well, and has no need to be centered.Depending on the mood you want to convey, in this case, I get the feel of the solemnity of spring as opposed to jovial, the lighting really conveys that feeling well. The only parts you should consider is that the flower bud takes away from the focus, and the photograph seems to be slightly grainy.
    -Austin Hwang- FPHS