Friday, June 15, 2012

Faster than Lightning

I took this photo during the panning assignment I went outside by the school and went on the sidewalk with a friend and took it. It turned out to be really cool so I decided to use it for the blog post. It took me awhile to get this nice shot but eventually it worked out for me as you can see. It was a lot of fun working with the camera and I could see myself taking these kinds of pics all the time.
James H


  1. This picture is really cool. The motorcyclist is frozen in time, while the street is moving. I love how it looks so perfectly still.
    Lindsey C. - FPHS

    1. This is a really cool picture! I liked how you used the Rule of Thirds to position your subject because it drew my eye to him. I also really liked how the background is blurred and your subject is in sharp focus. It’s creative yet simple at the same time and that’s what makes it so interesting to look at. With the blurring in the background, it gives the effect that he was frozen in time which was really cool. I think your lighting is good; however it would have enhanced your picture if there were a little bit more vibrant colors in it. But other than that, it’s a great photo!


  2. Miranda Farlow - PHSSeptember 12, 2012 at 9:21 AM

    I like the center focus of this photo. This photo uses the rule of thirds. This photo would be a little better if the motorcycle was more clear and if there were more colors in the background. This picture doesn’t strike any emotion in me. It is an interesting photo but it is a bit boring to me.

  3. I like how the motorcyclist seems to be totally frozen and how he is the main focus in this frame. The sharp focus and the Rule of Thirds really help bring out the main point of focus in this picture. The leading lines also help set the fast feeling mood from this photograph.
    -Tyce T. PHS

  4. What I like about this photo is how there is a place for the subject to go.

    This photo also uses the rule of thirds effectively, by placing the focal point not in the center of the photo. It gives the subject a place to go.

    The lighting in this photo is natural, I’m assuming, since you wouldn’t need a flash if you were outside.

    The mood reflected is that the rider is going fast, and there is anticipation for where the rider is going.

  5. How the man on the motorcycle is very clear even though he is moving.

    I see rule of thirds, lines and depth of field

    The focus is very good. The rider is not blurry at all while the scene is all blurry.

    Its sending out a cool mood

  6. The overall exposure of this photo is great! Not to bright and not to dark. Your photo is straight and well-framed. I love the use of the sidewalk lines because they show a sense of direction. There is a lot of space in the photo where nothing is going on and could have been cropped out. But other than that I think it’s a great photograph.

  7. This is a really good panning action shot! I like how the motorcycle is offset and really in focus. Good job

    Meredith S. HHS

  8. I like the blur effect of this photo but also how the subject of the photo is in focus. Distracting the eye yet narrowing it in on something at the same time.

    The rule of thirds applies in this photo, by having the man on the motorcycle (the subject) off to the side of the picture.

    The focus is only on the subject where else around the subject is very blurred which gives for an awesome looking photo.

    The mood in this photo reflects a heart racing, adrenaline pumping mood, due to the sleek black motorcycle.
    Tessla Simmons PHS

  9. I love how this photo uses slow shutter speed to capture the movement and focuses on the motorcycle, while the background becomes blurred. It makes it seem like the motorcycle is speeding by. I also like the clarity of the subject and how much focus there was to it and how it also uses the rule of thirds with the motorcycle being off to the side. I feel like this photo uses good lighting.... I just wish there was a little brighter with color

  10. Good lighting and clarity on the motorcycle but it’s too clear to see so that it looks that it was just copied and pasted on. Also it needs a little more depth of field. The photo feels rushed.

  11. I like this picture because it shows the speed of the motorcycle as it speeds by.

    Joseph W.

  12. I think this picture is really unique. Everything is blurred out except the motorcycle. It makes you look deep into the picture. They use great rule of thirds and the lighting looks good.

  13. i like the way the guy on the bike is in focus and the rest is blurred tannerb fphs

  14. Nice action shot. Love how in focus the biker is and everything else in blurred. Freezing the action.
    Kristi F.

  15. I like this photo because the photographer got a great shot while the biker was moving


  16. this picture is good because it has good leading the subject its good because how you can barrely see the back ground and only the main person of the photo witch is the motorcycle person

    dustin r

  17. This is a really great picture, I love the depth of field and rule of thirds applies to this photograph as well. The bike and biker are so clear it almost looks photoshopped, but all in all its a great picture.
    -Mckena M. FPHS

  18. i like this picture because the biker is in focus and everything outside is blurred. this picture also caught my attention.

    Cassidy S. FPHS

  19. I like this picture a lot because of how the background is in motion while the rider isn't.Also how rule of thirds helps bring out the rider.

    Alvaro Q.- FPHS

  20. I like this photo because it shows alot of depth of field and the biker is in focus which makes the picture stand out


  21. I really like how this picture has the motorcycle rider as the main focus and it also uses rule of thirds. It’s a really cool picture. Great job!

  22. I love how the subject is in such sharp focus.
    Great rule of thirds!
    The shutter speed was just right.
    This photo is very energizing.

  23. I like the blurred background and the focus of the moving motorcycle.
    Rule of thirds was used in this photograph.

    The focus on the bike is really sharp and the exposure of the photo is good.

    This reflects a creative mood.

  24. In this one I like how the subject is sharp. Panning isn’t really easy so to get a picture this good is awesome.
    - IsisT. - RHS

  25. I really like the main focus of this. It's main focus is clear and is about the motorcycle. I like the color/brightness of this photo, it's very eye pleasing. I also like the rule of thirds in here.

  26. I love the focus of the bike as if it is moving. The picture is cropped very well to where you can see the whole picture for it to make sense. As the title says “Faster Than Lightning” this picture shows a story of how the bike is going fast! – Brandon, FPHS

  27. I don’t know how you get this picture but it is really interesting. It makes him look like he’s going light speed or something like that. And the reflection on the chrome and shiny parts of the bike. The focus point is really interesting.


  28. This photo has very good focus on the subject. This photo used freezing the action incredibly well as the motorcycle is completely in focus. The mood of this photo to me, is really fast pace and adventurous, and I think that the picture conveys it well.
    Hannah- FPHS

  29. The main point of this picture is fully in focus while the background is blurred. This is a great freeze of action. This picture makes you feel like you’re in it.