Friday, June 15, 2012

This photo is probably my favorite out of the whole year.  The colors are amazing and I feel like there could be any story in the world behind it. Being able to put your own story to a photo always makes it more interesting to look at; it draws you in and makes you think.  The only thing about this photo that I think I would change is the power lines across the top; I really might not even change that though because it brings a sense of reality to the photo, making it more life- like.
Adrianne W


  1. The photo shows a country feel with the grass behind the gate. I like the country look.
    -Leading lines is used, because the fence draws a line across the bottom of the photo.
    -The dept. of field is used well shown in the photo due to the trees and grassy field behind the fence.
    -The mood seems peaceful due to the calm country feel.
    Rueben B. PHS

  2. This is a great photograph because of the nature aspect and the surroundings of the fence. The brightness of the clouds really go well with the brightness of the white fence. This photo shows good line composition. The mood of this photograph is mellow and down to earth, really outdoorsy.

  3. I like how calm the photo is and how detailed it looks.

    The element of composition that is used is Fill the Frame.

    I like how the sky is cloudy and blue but you can still tell that the sun isn’t shining and its not warm outside.

    The mood this photo reflects is a gloomy peaceful mood.

  4. This is a rally great photo. I like how peaceful it is. I think it would look better if the powerlines weren't in it.

  5. AdamC. CHS
    I like the Contrast of the white fence along with the green grass with the Trees in the background. The fence draws a line over the bottom half of the picture. The only thing that could be approved about this image is to crop out the power lines a little bit.

  6. I love how this gives of an old country look to it. You captured a really good photo and I love it. You did a really good job. Wish there could have been some animals or something in the filed as you took the photo.

  7. I love how simple the photo is. The picture is in focus however the clouds up at the top are a little to bright for me. A little overexposed but everything else is perfect.
    -Kristi F.

  8. I really like the use of both horizontal and vertical lines in this photo. The use of color and contrast really shines in the photo as well. Looking at it reminds me of the countryside which I love!

    -Kassie K. FPHS

  9. What I like about this photo is the lighting, and how bright and vibrant the colors are.
    The element of composition used was rule of two thirds, with the fence not directly in the middle.
    The lighting is very nice, and I like how bright everything is.
    The mood reflected is a calm and peaceful day.

  10. I like the country look of it. An away from the city sort of scene. The image is so clear and in focus, it makes the scene even more serene looking. I love the country scene. They make me picture myself in a rocking chair on a porch drinking tea.

  11. This is a terrific photo; the contrast is perfect for the scene, you can see the definite cut and lines that defines where the fence, grass, trees and the sky. The lighting, is also good, although it looks a little dark on the right side but it could just be the dark colored fence. It sets a really nice, calm, country mood. Good Work!

    Samantha O. - RHS

  12. The mood of this picture is very calm and quiet. I really do like this picture.
    Alvaro Q.-FPHS

  13. This is a good picture. I like how the fence is old and there’s a mansion in the background. And the fence is an old wood fence and not a new fancy fence. I would try to add some depth of field to this to make it look better, or, more appealing.