Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Red Hoodie

This picture was taken at a lake. We were doing a depth of field project. And this was one of my best shots. I turned the background gray because the colors in the background were really green so it looked like Christmas. In the back ground is a lake and I like the reflection in the back.
Taylor D.


  1. This photo was very interesting. It was kind of mysterious in a way. The back ground of the photo made the setting look creepy.

    Reginld Xavier-fphs

  2. I like how the red sweatshirt contrasts with the rest of the picture. Also, only having part of the body works for this picture. This shot just has a calm feeling to it. Nice shot.
    -Cameron W. FPHS

  3. The use of the history brush draws your focus towards the hoodie that the subject is wearing. The reflections of the sky and trees in the background off the lake add a great depth of field. The rule of thirds helps to frame the lake and creates a very balanced image.

  4. I like this image making all of the things in the back ground black and white brings out all the colors in the person and making the picture come more alive and showing how the person taking the picture feels about that one subject I like the rule of thirds in the image and the reflection of the water
    -Justin lee FPHS

  5. I like this picture because it reminds me of little red riding hood.