Thursday, April 19, 2012

Here Kitty, Kitty

I looked at my cat one day, and said “kitty kitty kitty, come here kitty”.  So since she wouldn’t move, I walked toward her and snapped a picture of her sitting on a chair. She is such a beautiful cat and is perfect for portraits. This was the only picture I snapped, and it turned out great. I’m thankful I don’t have an ugly cat.
Seth M


  1. I like that you can see where the cat is looking instead of guessing where its looking. Good depth of field shot. Good lighting and focus.

    - Tyler H ERHS

  2. This photograph is wonderful the lighting really shows all the colors and shades of grey in the cat. The focus is clearer then air! Amazing
    Alyshea FPHS

  3. I like the way the eyes of the cat pop! And how the chair's back curves with the face and head and that he’s looking down, great leading the subject or portrait.

  4. i like how it is a very clear picture. the cats fur looks really nice, along with its eyes. you cant help but just looking right at the cats eyes when you first look at this picture. -thomas-fphs

  5. I love the focus mainly on the cat’s face. My eyes are drawn directly to the cat’s eyes. It’s not too dark of a picture or a too dark of a picture. I really love this photo primarily because of how focused the cat is!

  6. It’s a cat, on a chair, what lays behind is irrelevant, great shot. If the cropped out sections did not detract from the cat, it should be kept to not cut off its ear. “I like cats.” It’s a very alluring gaze that reaches into the depths of my soul to ensnare my true form.
    Austin FPHS

  7. I really like how in focus the cat is and how you filled the frame. This cat does not look too happy but it is a good photograph. Good job.
    Madi W. PHS

  8. I really like the focus, it looks like I can just reach through this computer and touch the cat. I also like how is leads the subject. This picture is kinda creepy but I like it.
    -addie j

  9. What I like the most about this photo is how much the eyes pop compared to all the other colors.
    This is a very good depth of field photo. It really shows that the main focus is the cat and nothing else.
    This has very good lighting and the focus is simply beautiful.
    For me this reflects a sense of calm but at the same time it has a bit of eeriness to it.

  10. I am a total cat person and I agree, your cat is very photogenic! I love the way the eyes stand out against the dark fur. This shot has a very relaxed tone to it, good job.

    Is that perchance a Homestuck reference on the bottom of your description? If so, you are awesome.

  11. Beautiful cat! I love how the color of the eyes came out so bright! Depth of field is good! Your cat is mostly centered, but perfectly in focus. Good job!