Monday, February 25, 2013

A Day In The Shade

During the shot I was in the squat position for nearly five minutes. I blocked the sun with most of my back to get the mysterious shot of what can be behind the fence. I used Photoshop to make it a warm picture to allow for it to be more inviting and also more enjoyable. The fire hydrant brings in the feeling of reality missed with a dark forest behind it where you could get lost.


  1. The focus of the picture is great! It is a really good example of rule of thirds. I like this picture because it really brings out the colors of fall.

  2. The lighting in this picture is very good and it is very calm. I like the rule of thirds use of the fire hydrant, and the ivory wrapping around the fence. I would show this picture off in a heart beat.
    Austin o- FPHS