Monday, February 25, 2013

This picture was from the Fences Assignment. It is focused on the wire that is rusted. It’s almost like a mirror image; one is not focused while one is. The light blue sky brings out the dark rusted wire. The feeling of the picture is settling.
Kelsey O


  1. A good contrast between subject and background. The second wire in the background has a nice “reflection” look to it. The photo is boring though. There isn’t any action, movement, or flow in this photo. It was taken like one would take a portrait. Solid backgrounds can be used with more interesting subjects.

    Student of FPHS

  2. I like the depth of field, how one part of the object is in focus and one is out of focus. I also really like how the color is kind of rusted. Although I wouldn’t hang it up in my room it is still a really good picture.
    Breanna W- FPHS